Downham Market Clock (UKsignpix/Wikipedia) Originally set up in the 1920s, the Lecture Society is one of the longest established groups in the area.

Throughout its history, the Society has regularly organised a range of courses covering such delights as Opera, Field Archaeology, The Abbeys of the Fens, The Renaissance Tradition in the Arts & Ideas, Redesigning Nature, Philosophy, The Wash Ports, Gardening History to name but a few; the list is eclectic and extensive..

People who enjoy attending our lectures come from all walks of life and all age-groups everyone is welcome there is no educational or professional requirement and no compulsory coursework. The only requirement is an enthusiasm to broaden one's mind!

The standard of lecturing is excellent until 2009, lecturers were part of the University of Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education but with the changes in funding for Further Education, this relationship was no longer feasible and the Society took the decision to organise its own programme.

Unlike other clubs and societies there is no membership fee. The membership at any one time consists of all those who have attended any one of the last four courses and this is solely to enable the committee to keep in touch. The Society's aim is to offer an interesting and stimulating programme and whilst there is no commitment to attend every course, we hope that the topics offered will have the broadest appeal.